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Technical Solutions of East Tn, LLC strives to focus on the cutting edge technology in the Pro audio video, and lighting for Churches and Schools.

Auditoriums in Churches and Schools are unique facilities that have specific needs because of their settings. Our years of work experience with Churches and Schools allow us to target those specific needs. We offer a full line of equipment designed with the Church and School auditorium in mind. Including LED lighting with DMX controls, HD camera systems and public address system for inside paging and stadium systems


We specialize in the design, installation, and fine-tuning of high-quality sound systems for churches, schools, and event spaces.


Our services include HD camera systems, live streaming setups, and custom video installations tailored to the unique needs of your venue.


We specialize in the deployment of robust network infrastructures, including high-speed internet access, secure wireless networks, and integrated communication systems.


Offering unmatched speed and reliability, our fiber installations are ideal for environments requiring high bandwidth and minimal latency.


Our lighting services include the installation of DMX controlled stage and house lighting, custom-designed architectural lighting, and energy-efficient LED solutions.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We stand by our work 100%.

We offer a 2 year warranty on any of our work. As well, most of our equipment normally comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty. Rest assured, we will get the job done with accuracy, efficiency, professionalism, and quality.