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Technical Solutions of East TN- Church, Audio, Video, Knoxville Lenoir City


EON 18" sub with a JBL 515xt. Also rented with a Audio-technica wireless hand held microphone, 6 channel mixer, iPod/computer hook-up, 3 microphone cables. $150 a day $400 per week. Great VBS, Youth socials, Church picnics, and much more. We are also offering our hearing loop system for rentals. Call us for pricing.


Technical Solutions of East Tn, LLC strives to focus on the cutting edge technology in the Pro audio video, and lighting for Church's and Schools. Auditoriums in Churches and Schools are unique facilities that have specific needs because of their settings. Our years of work experience with Churches and Schools allow us to target those specific needs. We offer a full line of equipment designed with the Church and School auditorium in mind. Including LED lighting with DMX controls, HD camera systems and public address system for inside paging and stadium systems


Technical Solutions of East Tn, LLC can do a custom lay out and design of your School or Church audio/video and lighting system to make it unique to your setting. Whether your teaching the word of God or conducting a School play. It's important to have your message heard clear and with crisp with audio detail. We don't JUST install sound systems that sound good. We can custom install equipment to blend into your setting. Custom built audio/video booths, recording studios, acoustical panels and boardrooms. We have the computer software to design your auditorium with the perfect lighting, sound, video and acoustical treatments. We offer rear projection screens built into walls as well as recessed screen, projectors and speakers. This makes for a clean look to any area. We have certified carpenters to incorporate our designs into any setting or layout.


Let us custom design a hearing Loop system for you that will put you in compliance with all ADA Title III part 36 laws from 2011. We have the newest technology for hearing assistants, from RF (radio frequency) hearing assistants to Hearing Loops. Hearing loops work excellent in classrooms. Hearing loops also work with hearing aids, cochlear implants as well as Independent receivers. In a classroom setting you can easily have multiple classrooms with loops installed with no cross contamination, since there is no Rf produced. RF systems also have Hearing Loop Interfaces. We have the compliance equipment and training to make your Church or school a joy for the hearing impaired. The unit can provide clear audio for a ear bud, a lanyard, with a hearing aid or cochlear implants. Hearing assistance is important for people with hearing difficulties. If you are in need of hearing compliant classrooms or your entire auditorium covered call us for a free demonstration and quote.

HEARING LOOP DEMO - click here


We can install a custom designed sound systems for your venue. Having a quality sound system is the most important part of your service. With the latest in computer software we can analyze your room or existing sound system to tune it your room acoustical properties. We can help you to make your message clear. We have teamed up with Harman Pro to insure you get the best equipment on the market. We can design your sound system using Audio Architect or London sound, using the new Blu-link technology. We have certified carpenters to custom install sound booths and recording studios.


We can design a full service conference room to meet all your needs. We can incorporate all you A/V solutions built in for a clean professional look. From projectors, LED displays, video conferencing, phone systems, and accustical sound treatments. We offer multiple solutions for your confereance room setup.


We can assist with all your lighting needs. We offer DMX controled stage and house lighting. Custom designed lighting for your Church or Schools stages. We install outdoor architectural lighting. With our custom LED DMX lights we can make the finishing touches to your building, pond and landscape. We carry a full line of LED lights, cables and truss.

Technical Solutions of East Tennessee, LLC is owned by Tony McCarrell. Tony has been in the audio & video installation business for over 10 years. Because we specialize in churches, we are able to save the church between 30% or higher on all their multimedia needs. A church is a unique facility and has specific needs because of it's setting. We have many years of experience working  with churches; Thus, allowing us to target in the beginning what equipment & multimedia plan is best for each specific church. This allows our customers to save money, as they are not buying items they do not need. As well, we are able to develop a workable plan for implementation that is effective and efficient for time and money. We make sure that our customers don't spend money on costly labor or materials that is not needed.

Another thing that makes us different? Well, whatever it is that you may need we can provide during the installation process. We can build podiums, choir stages, mount projectors, build out a wall, you name it. Just ask, we can do it!

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